404 Bar Stools

An extremely comfortable bar stool with a high backrest and a quilted leather seat.

  • Supportive backrest.
  • Adjustable swivel base.
  • Comfortable padded seat.

White 404 Bar Stool

White 404 Bar Stools


Black 404 Bar Stool

Black 404 Bar Stools


Red 404 Bar Stool

Red 404 Bar Stools


Orange 404 Bar Stool

Orange 404 Bar Stools


Green 404 Bar Stool

Green 404 Bar Stools


Purple 404 Bar Stool

Purple 404 Bar Stools


Technical Specs
CodeWeight (Kg)Material(s)
BRS48-018Artificial Leather & Chrome

CodeA (Height in Mm)B (Width in Mm)C (Depth in Mm)