Bean Bags

Casual and comfy. An unpretentious alternative to ottomans or stools.

  • Leather cover.
  • Perfect for casual events.
  • Available in a variety of colours.

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Black & White Soccer Ball Bean Bags


Large White Pouf Set

White La Pouf Set Bean Bags


White Leather Bean Bag

White Bean Bags


Black Leather Bean Bag

Black Bean Bags


Grey Leather Bean Bag

Grey Bean Bags


Red Leather Bean Bag

Red Bean Bags


Orange Leather Bean Bag

Orange Bean Bags


Mustard Bean Bag

Mustard Bean Bags


Yellow Leather Bean Bag

Yellow Bean Bags


Green Leather Bean Bag

Green Bean Bags


Blue Leather Bean Bag

Blue Bean Bags


Purple Leather Bean Bag

Purple Bean Bags


Pink Leather Bean Bag

Pink Bean Bags


Turquoise Bean Bag

Turquoise Bean Bags


Technical Specs
CodeWeight (Kg)Material(s)
BNB02-0113.5Artificial Leather
BNB03-012Artificial Leather
BNB01-012Artificial Leather

CodeA (Height in Mm)B (Width in Mm)C (Depth in Mm)